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QNRT is a powerful therapy that can positively affect all levels of our physical, biochemical and emotional health.

It is based on the principle that the brain and the nervous system control and coordinate all functions of the body.  Unresolved emotional stresses create long term changes in the nervous system which can lead to physical, biochemical and emotional dysfunctions in the body.

Most of us have experienced an “Adverse Emotional Stress”, either directly or indirectly, during our life time. QNRT associates common experiences such as sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, soreness, and gastrointestinal complications with past emotional events.

QNRT allows the doctor to assess the patient’s nervous system and address the deepest cause of their body’s dysfunction. The principals of QNRT are supported by the findings of the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study as it relates to future symptoms, behaviors, and illnesses. According to the ACE Study, children who have experienced specific adverse emotional experiences were prone to a multitude of health and social problems continuing into adulthood. Health issues include heart, liver, and respiratory concerns. Emotional issues may include sadness, anxiety, and anger, as well as high risk social behaviors such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and early initiation of sexual behavior.

The Ace Study concludes that related issues can occur much later in life, long after the Adverse Emotional Experience occurred. This study and many studies like it demonstrate the brain/body connection to our overall health.

The most noted benefits of pursuing wellness through QNRT include:

  • Non-Invasive and gentle

  • Involves no prescriptions

  • Easy to understand and follow

  • NO talk therapy is required

  • QNRT compliments all other healthcare approaches and in most cases makes them more effective.

What is QNRT®?  Dr. John Turner

What is QNRT®? Dr. John Turner

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What to Expect in a QNRT® Session

A trained and certified QNRT®  practitioner will  be able to identify  specific adverse events or emotional traumas that have occurred in your life,  including the  age the negative  life patterns were first established, the circumstance, the situation, and the emotional conflict surrounding that age and event. We will be able to tie in the core beliefs (Core Drivers) that were established to help you survive or protect yourself from perceived harm. You will currently understand how  this pattern no longer serves you.  You will clearly see, feel and hear how you use your coping mechanisms to drive self sabotaging behaviors.  Your  certified QNRT®  practitioner  will activate your nervous system and re- set the way your brain responds to emotional triggers.

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