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Pulsed EMF Therapy

PEMF helps repair damaged cells making it among the most advanced injury repair and pain elimination technologies available. Since we introduced this new technology into our clinic we have been amazed by the results we've seen. Our patients are not only healing injuries but also sleeping better, thinking more clearly and experiencing vibrant energy. If you suffer from a chronic issue that is not responding to common therapies, or simply want to boost your health to a new level, then PEMF is for you. 


What is Pulse Magnetics?

Pulse Magnetics is achieved by applying a pulsed electromagnetic field to the body or area of the body that you wish to exercise. This magnetic field produces an increase in cellular energy resulting in a stronger cell. In the same way that physical exercise stimulates our muscles to make them stronger, a pulsed magnetic field stimulates our cells to create more energy, thereby making them "stronger". 


Pulsed Magnetic technology has been studied for well over 50 years all around the world, and has been unanimously recognized as being 1) extremely safe and 2) extremely helpful at increasing cellular energy. This term "energy" is the universal electrical energy that every single cell in your body requires to maintain its health and vibrancy. 


Scientists refer to this energy as the "cell membrane potential", but the easiest way to think about it is as the cell's "battery charge". Living cells are very similar to the batteries we use in our daily lives. As a cell becomes tired, overused or damaged its "charge" or battery power runs low. Like a cell phone, cordless drill, or anything else that runs on batteries, once the charge is low, it does not work. 


Many years ago scientists realized that you could not "charge" a human cell using typical electricity like you charge your cell phone. Living cells are more complex than a battery and possess the ability to recharge themselves if given the right cellular conditions. However, it was found that very specific magnetic fields, both natural and man-made, possessed the ability to gently "assist" in the cells natural recharging process, thereby boosting the cell's energy to its fullest potential. This process is now universally referred to as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy.

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