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Your Health is Our Mission

Whether you already seek chiropractic care or you're simply considering a new approach to your health care, Nebraska Kinesiology Center is a unique experience. The focus of our mission is whole body health and wellness for you and your whole family. We don't just look at the symptoms, we work with you to find the cause of your pain and discomfort.


At NKC Health we believe that prevention is the cure.  It is easier and less expensive to maintain health than it is to recover from illness or disease.  Our patients deserve the greatest possible expression of health and happiness.  This can be achieved most efficiently through living a wellness lifestyle, receiving whole-person chiropractic care, and utilizing the most advanced nutritional support.


We believe every patient is unique and deserves the highest quality care available that is tailored to their specific needs. These needs are identified through Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK focuses on the health and balance of the entire body. That includes not only the structural component of chiropractic care, but also the chemical and mental aspects of wellness care.


We believe people have a right to live pain-free, and it is our honor to help our patients live a life of health and vitality.

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