Meet the Doctor

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With a Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota,

Dr. Martenson has an expansive and highly progressive background as a chiropractic and natural health physician. He has extensive work in clinical nutrition and applied kinesiology, as well as a board certification as a neurological reset therapist.


As a chiropractor, he doesn't just focus on misalignments in the spine, he sees the connections to the other body systems.  He understands how their nourishment through nutrition and supplementation can affect their capabilities and proper function, and even how mental health effects the body.  As a kinesiologist, Dr. Martenson knows how the balance of the chemical, mental, and structural components of the body contribute to the whole body health and wellness of a complete person.

FUN FACT: Dr. Martenson loves basketball and has a dog named Dexter.