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Functional Nutrition

Find the Cause– Fix the Cause

Cause and effect– we have all studied this in one way or another. Life is a series of cause and effects. We learn a lot about life through cause and effect. But sometimes the cause is missing from the picture.

When the effect becomes too much to handle, we just want it to go away. An aspirin takes away the pain, so we create a new cycle. The headache becomes the cause of my suffering, so the effect is I take a pill and it is gone.

Years can go by without a thought about the cause of the problem. Functional medicine focuses on finding the true cause of the issue. Every effect has a cause, whether it is obvious or not.

Every disease comes from a source. Too often we accept the idea that ill health is a mystery or random chance. Nothing could be further from the truth. But you cannot find an answer without looking. The 3R Program at NKC Health helps to Refuel, Rebalance, and Revitalize your body so it has the proper nutrition.


Fuel: everything we put in our bodies is either helping us prepare for life's demands or will cause us to repair the damage later. Much like our cars need the proper fuel to run, our bodies need the right nutrients to reach optimal health. The very first step in our 3R Program is to refuel with the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy and vibrant body. At the same time, we identify any problem foods that are limiting your bodies ability to heal and remove them.

The 3R Program, developed over years of research and clinical experience, is a simple, yet effective protocol that assists the body into the desired state of rebalancing, starting first with nutrition.

Our bodies are made of the very earth we live on (proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals)- these are the building blocks of life. Modern farming practices and lifestyle choices have greatly decreased our access to these essential nutrients causing a barrier for many in reaching and maintaining their desired health. While this is cause for concern, the good news is you can still access these nutrients through proper nutritional supplementation. We understand that it can be overwhelming to sift through the vast amount of information out there on nutrition and supplementation. With Dr. Martenson as your guide, "refueling" is simple and straightforward.


The structure, biochemistry, neurology, and microbiome of your body includes the amount of energy your body is producing when evaluating your bodies structure, what level your microorganism load is, and the state of your neurological systems. Knowing this information, Dr. Martenson can radically improve your bodies balance in these areas with an individualized and biocompatible supplement plan.



Continual revitalization of both your body and mind is key to living a vibrant and healthy life. 


We must maintain a clean, less stressed working environment in order for the body to continually regenerate and heal. By "clean" we are referring to the process of detoxification. This word has become a household term in the past two decades and with good reason. Many people have accumulated far too many industrial toxins due to our modern environment and nutritional habits. Our 3R Program teaches patients how to incorporate simple detoxification protocols into their daily lifestyle in order for the body to continually revitalize. We revitalize the mind through neurological rebalancing, reconnecting the brain with the body, and help resolve/remove triggers that overwhelm/stress the nervous system. Excess stress in the nervous system can cause miscommunication within the body, hindering the healing process. The ability to recharge the body through Pulsed Magnetics and de-stressing our brains through QNRT are the missing links in most wellness programs, which is why our 3R program is so uniquely effective.

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